It began with a big box of crayons and lots of drawing paper. And, with wonderful Picturebooks like The Golden Egg Book, by Margaret Wise Brown. My lifetime love affair with art and books started early.

From my first days at school, I was always the class artist. Teachers asked me to draw pictures to decorate classroom walls and fill bulletin boards. There was never any question. I wanted to be an artist.

In High School, I was art editor of the student newspaper, designed sets for school plays, and did program covers for any number of events. Thanks to my loving and supportive parents, I was able to take painting classes on Saturdays and attend special summer programs for art students at several local colleges and universities.

After graduating from High School, I’ve died and gone to heaven three times. The first was when I came to Boston to attend The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. The place was filled with people like me and my days were filled with making art. The first year, classes were 6 days a week and all about art. Academics began in the second year and when I graduated, I had a degree from Tufts University and a diploma from the Museum School. I went on to receive a Master’s Degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and was also a special student in Illustration at the New England Institute of Art.

The second time I died and went to heaven was when I married my husband, Paul, and together we had a beautiful daughter named Kate. Kate is all grown up now, but over the years, our family has always included a canine little girl. We’ve had three Cairn Terriers: Munchkin, Tam-O, and Kappy. They never grow up you know.

The third time I died and went to heaven was when we moved to our current home in an area of Massachusetts called the Northshore. We are close to many art galleries, artist’s studios, a spectacular annual literary festival, and… the ocean. Lucky, lucky me!

A few years ago, I surprised myself by learning to work digitally, which I now love. I also love that when viewing my work online, many friends can’t tell if a given piece is digital or traditional. That was my goal. Not to trick people, but to make my digital and traditional work look indistinguishable. Over the years, I’ve worked with colored pencil, acrylic and oil painting. I love trying new media and especially experimenting by putting them together in different combinations. My goal has always been to keep stretching my style, to unfetter my imagination and, hopefully, to keep growing as an artist.